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General Questions

How does differ from other online writing services?

Answer: We differ in several ways. First, unlike other services, we have eminently degreed and qualified English-speaking writers to encompass all academic fields and all academic levels. Second, we have policies and procedures that guarantee quality research and plagiarism-free content; third, we offer writing of virtually any genre all the way through graduate theses and dissertations; fourth, we commit to customer satisfaction by revising any piece of writing if requested; and fifth, we have a responsive customer service department that never closes!

Are all writers qualified?

Answer: Absolutely! We have a very rigorous selection process which includes checking degrees and transcripts and a requirement to produce an original piece of writing for us. Our writers are only assigned projects that fall within the range of their degrees and writing experience.

How do I get an essay or paper written?

Answer: We have an order form on our site must be completely filled out so that we have all of the details of your need. We then assign it to the best writer for the task. It’s that simple!

If I am not happy with what I receive, what can I do?

Answer: We have a revision policy on our site. Generally, revisions are made based upon customer request and are completed free of charge.

Can you handle really urgent deadlines?

Answer: Yes, we can. But, the longer you give us, the cheaper the cost. It’s best to plan ahead as much as possible

Questions Related to Our Guarantees

What happens if my order is delivered after the deadline date?

Answer: We guarantee on-time delivery, and only in very rare instances (serious illness or other emergency of a writer) would a deadline be missed. In these instances, however, we provide money-back guarantees. If you order is late, you must contact customer support immediately!

Do I have to tell my instructors that I am using for writing help?

Answer: Of course not! Our service is completely confidential and we never disclose the names of our customers to anyone! The only people who will know you are using our service are those you choose to tell.

How do you deal with plagiarism?

Answer: We don’t. Before any writing is released for delivery to a customer, our quality control department reviews it, and one part of that review is a full scan for plagiarism. Nothing plagiarized ever leaves our doors! If any writer attempts to use plagiarized content, s/he is terminated.

How do you protect my identity?

Answer: You may want to read our Privacy Policy, but, briefly, you do have to give us personal information when you place an order, so that we can contact you – your name, email address, and phone number. This information is never shared or disclosed to anyone else, and our site is secured with strong firewall protection. We have never had a breach. Your payment information is not ever entered into our site, because we use a third-party secure payment processing service – the same one used by major online companies.

How can I be certain that writing I order will not be sold to someone else?

Answer: Legal ownership of your order is transferred to you as soon as you take delivery. And once you take that delivery, it is wiped from our system. There is no chance that it could ever appear anywhere else!

About Our Writers

What qualifications do your writers have?

Answer: All of our writers have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree, although most also have Master’s degrees in their subject fields; we also have a large group of Ph.D. researchers and writers to provide service to graduate students in all fields. Before we hire a writer, here is what we demand:

  • They must present their degrees and transcripts, which we then verify.
  • We ask for samples of academic writing they have produced
  • We require that they complete a small research paper on a topic of our choosing, within a deadline, and we then evaluate that research and writing.

Put simply, we do not have any unqualified writers!

Do you use foreign writers?

Answer: We only use native English-speaking writers. Some of them be citizens of foreign countries, but they have been educated only in English-speaking schools since childhood.

Can I speak with my writer?

Answer: Yes you can. We have a messaging system on our site, and you will have a personal account page within that system. There, you and your writer will converse about everything related to your order!

The Process of Placing and Receiving an Order

How do I place an order?

Answer: Use the order form on our site, give us all of the details of what you need, and then press the submit button!

How do I pay for my order?

Answer: We take major credit cards, PayPal, wire transfer and eChecks. A third-party SSL secured payment processor is used to protect your financial information.

What if I forget some important information about my order or need to upload information to my writer?

Answer: No problem! Go to your personal account page and message your writer directly. Give him/her the additional information or let him/her know that you are uploading something. If you are unsure about using the messaging system, contact our customer support department. They will walk you through it.

How do I ask for revisions?

Answer: You can simply contact Customer Support Department. State what you want revised clearly and in detail!

How do I get my finished order?

Answer: You will receive an email telling you that your order is ready for your review and download. Access your account page and download the piece. Review it carefully. You may then either clock “approve” or request revisions Once you approve it, it is changed into a Word document for you to download, save to your own device, and print.


Is use of a writing service legal?

Answer: Of course it is! You are purchasing a product/service from an online company, just as you would purchase a piece of clothing or legal advice!

Is using your service plagiarism on my part?

Answer: Plagiarism is using someone else’s copyrighted material as your own. When you receive original writing from, it becomes your property and is never seen by anyone else anywhere.